Avoid collecting without acting

The amount of information which is thrust upon you is orders of magnitude larger than the capacity to absorb and make use of it. This can lead to a destructive habit, called the collector's fallacy. This fallacy is a form of self-deception. It makes you feel like you are progressing where you are actually stalling. It leads to wasting your precious time on something that's not worth it.

To avoid falling prey to the collector's fallacy, you need to work actively with the collection you have. Introduce some form of rate limiting: Don't buy a new book before you finished one. Don't bookmark another article before you haven't read (or at least deleted) one of those you have bookmarked.

If it would have been important, you would have already read it. Its content likely won't be lost. There are search engines and even in case the of uncool urls there's still the wayback machine.