I will read it

I recently wrote about the technological barriers against writing on the web. But an even bigger hurdle than technology for many potential bloggers are their own doubts.

If you ask yourself, why you should write online, for you fear you won't be read, Manuel Monreale has an answer. He offers to be your first reader. Chris Hannah also decided that he'd like to read your blog. I share Chris' opinion, that the internet would be a more interesting place if more people blogged.

In the spirit of Derek Sivers' leadership lessons from a dancing guy: Three is a crowd and a crowd is news. - If you start a new blog, or already have one and your only visitors are bots: send it to me, I'd love to read it. If you provide a feed for it, even better, I'll add you to my feedreader. And when I finally find some time to create a blogroll, you'll be in there as well.