On digital gardening

On content-focused websites the prevalent pattern for the organizing content is the blog format: a list of articles/posts presented in reverse-chronologically order. Amy Hoy wrote a criticism of this organizational pattern, which found some resonance. So nowadays - as everything old is new again - a bunch of personal websites started to conscientiously style and organize themselves as digital gardens.

Now, there is no copyright to that term, but one overarching concept I see and very much like is, that articles are not seen as something that is written once and then finished after the publication, but as a seed which might grow into something that eventually becomes evergreen, more akin to a well-organized public (read-only) wiki.

I haven't yet figured out how I will this page in the long run, currently it is much more a blog than a garden, yet I find the idea to go back to existing article and enhance them over time very intriguing.