Leisure time, Curiosity, Book club

Leisure time is a luxury. For me it certainly was in the last days. That's why these notes come three days late. And I don't really see it getting very much better. But at least, recognising that I have a small chunk of it, is a first step to use it well.

Lately I was thinking about the relationship between learning, teaching, schooling and curiosity, especially with regard to teaching computing. I cannot pin it down to something concret, but I strongly sense that somewhere in the system mechanisms are in place, that are detrimental to curiosity and form learners into consumerists.

Therefore, one thing I'm looking forward to is the upcoming round of DevEdBookClub. An informal online discussion round, that will discuss Greg Wilsons Teaching Tech Together over the next few month. I've read to book earlier this year, and it is well worth to be re-read. As I did not take notes on the first reading, this is a great opportunity not only to discuss it with other people, but maybe also get a summary done.