You have to start somewhere...

I'm still figuring out what I enjoy putting on my website. I am struggeling to write regularly. Last year I did an experiment of writing a piece of content per day for 30 days in a row, which didn't work out. With the weeknotes I set my ambitions are a bit lower, and I'll see how far I get. I want to publish my scattered thoughts in a weekly digest. I'll allow myself any form, but it has to be published every friday.

On Work-In-Progress

John Cutler shared a checklist on Twitter that resonated a lot with me. It is not only applicable in a work context but in the private life as well. Even if I think about this little corner of the web, I do have a few things that I've started but not yet quite finished...

What if there is too much work in progress?

Is your organization struggling with too much work in progress? How would you know?

- John Cutler (@johncutlefish) May 22, 2022

But more pressing than gauging the question of if, the is the question what to do about it? Sadly, just creating a Kanban board in JIRA does not quite cut it...

What aspects does a good life have?

Also via twitter I came across the article A Psychologically Rich Life: Beyond Happiness and Meaning by Eron Westgate and Shigehiro Oishi. I think their finding, that happyness, meaningfulness and "psychological richness" of life are and can be measured as separate categories, as an enligthening mental framework. It resolved for example a cognitive dissonance I had, when I first read a certain passage of Richard Hammings talk You and your research, where he said that he had neglected his spouse in order to to get what he wanted done. Happyness as category can be in tension to meaningfulness or psychological richness. All aspects contribute to a good life, but each is doesn't weight equally for everyone.

Snowclones in technical articles

Sometimes titles sound strangely familiar. They follow a certain phrasal template which sounds a bit clichée. Such templates also go under the name snowclone. I think I've encountered at least half a dozen of them in the context of computer science / software engineering. It might be worth an article to collect them.

That's not quite all folks...

There are certainly more things to be said, but as I want to put something out at a predefined time, as artificial as that might be - so I'll close it here, and in the next notes of the week I may muse on some of the following questions: