What to do about too much work-in-progress...

Time really does fly. The topic of too much work-in-progress I wrote about last week is still bugging me. Ideas keep piling up, few, if any get finished. I don't want to discard topics and i don't want to let time go to waste, therefore I think should start splitting the site up even more. Some of the works-in-progress writings could be published as seeds of a digital garden.

One of the perks of having a personal website is that I can play with web technology as much as I want. For example: I'd like to add support for webmentions, but without a third-party service. While the specification seems straight forward, I'm a programming long enough to expect the devil being in the details of even the most straight forward specifications (And life is short, while art is long.).

I also thought a bit on recurring design elements of personal websites in general, which led me down quite a rabbithole. I've collected nearly thirty of them by now and I don't think that list is exhaustive yet. This is a topic that would deserve a proper write-up. Among those elements is for example the blogroll. I think that would be something I should add one to my site as well. I believe we'd better spend more time on personal sites instead of lingering in the gated communities of the web.